Yamaha Barre de son avec Bluetooth SR-B30A B

UPC: 027108961880
Immersion tout-en-un. Cette barre de son Dolby Atmos® élégante et monobloc est dotée de deux haut-parleurs de caisson de basses... Immersion tout-en-un. Cette barre de son Dolby Atmos® élégante et monobloc est dotée de deux haut-parleurs de caisson de basses intégrés, vous offrant des basses riches sans avoir besoin d'un caisson de basses séparé. Parfait pour les petits salons, chambres et coins-détentes, il offre un son étonnamment spacieux et clair. Voir plus

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Clear Voice
Have you ever found it difficult to hear voices or lines from announcements and song vocals?

With Yamaha's clear voice function, you can automatically distinguish human voices such as dialogue and narration from other sounds, increasing the volume of only human voices. Even in movies, dramas, news programs, and music where Back Ground Music and sound effects have been used abundantly, the human voice is clearer and easier to enjoy.
Clear Voice
Experience the World of immersive audio
Get the most out of a rapidly growing universe of Dolby Atmos content available from streaming providers and game publishers. The precision-crafted speaker drivers and advanced high-quality audio reproduction technology employed by the SR-B30A, combined with Dolby Atmos, create a sound field that envelops and transports you deeper into your favorite TV shows, movies, games and music.
Experience the World of immersive audio
Customized just for you
The SR-B30A gives you several ways to customize the sound to your content and personal taste: choose from four Sound Modes, adjust the subwoofer level with an independent control on the remote and dial in the EQ just the way you like it using tone controls in the app.
Customized just for you
Good Bass, Less Space
Using dual built-in subwoofers and a ported, bass-reflex design, the SR-B30A gives you just the right amount of rich bass sound without the need for a separate subwoofer box.
Good Bass, Less Space
Four sound modes
With four different sound modes, you can match the sound to your content and mood. Stereo mode works great for music and podcasts. Standard mode is ideal for TV programs. Try Game mode to immerse yourself in your latest battle, and use Movie mode to create an expansive theater experience.
Four sound modes
Bass Extension
Want even more bass? Use the Bass Extension feature for a broader, more muscular presentation with power and presence.
Bass Extension
Puissance totale
120 W
Formats de son ambiophonique
Informations additionnelles
Barre de son
Haut-parleurs d'aigus
Caisson de graves
60 W
Caisson de graves
Dimensions de la barre de son
35.87 pouce(s) / 91.12 cm
2.87 pouce(s) / 7.3 cm
5.5 pouce(s) / 13.97 cm
8.6 lb / 3.9 kg

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